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Wine List

Our Wine List is extensive, as we have more selections available that are not featured on this list.  We also offer a Wine of the Day for only $3.95 per glass.  Ask you server for the selection of the day

If you are interested in these other selections, please ask your server.

All our wine is available to take home as wellWine rack

White Wines

Stone Mountain Bacon Hollow Revenuers’ Select (Virginia) $18.99

A sweet white wine. Bright citrus rose with lemon and grapefruit notes. Pairs well with red sauce pasta or poultry … even spicy foods

Ruffino Orvieto (Umbria, Italy) $13.99

Fresh yellow-green in color, on the nose this wine is intensely fruity and elegant. The palate is crisp and harmonious and soft. Nice with seafood preparations

Prince Michel Chardonnay (Virginia) $15.99

Medium-bodied wine is the perfect blend of fruit, oak, and acidity. Bright and lively with delicious green apple and melon characteristics. Enjoy with seafood, poultry and pork

Walnut Crest Pinot Grigio (Provincia Pavia, Italy) $12.99

Refreshing, crisp and fruit-forward. Compliments rich, white sauce pastas, poultry & spicy foods

Red Wines

Ruffino Chianti (Tuscany, Italy) $14.99

Sweet violet, red berries & morello cherries with light, peppery undertones. Medium-bodied and well-crafted with pleasing fruit tones accompanied by sweet spiciness and a hint of aromatic wood. Pairs well with hearty pastas and well-seasoned food

Prince Michel Merlot (Virginia) $14.99

A soft, silky texture, rich berry flavors beautifully with undertones of vanilla bean and spice. Compliments red sauce pasta dishes, beef and chocolate

Cecchi Sangiovese (Italy) $14.99

Ruby red with violet highlights. Its aroma is characterized by a delicate fruity bouquet with hints of violet and iris. Well-structured with a good balance of acidity. Enjoy with well-seasoned foods

Mezza Corona Cabernet (Italy) $14.99

Ruby red in color, intense bouquet, complex with vanilla notes, characteristic of of the refinements in wood, dry flavor, slightly tannic, full-body. Compliments red sauce pastas, beef and chocolate

Trapiche Pinot Noir (Italy) $14.99

Smooth wine with a slightly ruby color, floral aroma of wild roses and raspberry jam. Soft, light and fresh taste with a velvety texture. Accompanies red sauce pastas, beef and pork

Zonin Montepulciano (Italy) $11.99

Dry on the palate and gracious with delicate and soft veining, a fine and harmonious balance. Enjoy throughout your meal. Compliments game dishes and red sauce pastas

Canei Lambrusco (Italy) $11.99

A light, delicately sweet, fruity and mellow wine with moderate alcohol content. To be enjoyed anytime with a wide array of foods

Marraso Malbec (Argentina) $11.99

Suitably dry and fruity. Full-bodied with deep and forward berry and cherry fruit flavors, the wine has mellow tannins, good acid and hints of dark cocoa, vanilla & tiny notes of tar. Pairs with hearty red sauce pastas, poultry and red meat dishes

By The Glass


Cabernet   Chardonnay
Chianti Lambrusco
Merlot Pinot Grigio
Riesling White Zinfandel

House Wine

Burgandy $4.25


Italian, French, Domestic
(Small bottle, enough for two)
Please ask your server